Throw Back (to last week)

Well hello there, August! Where has the summer gone?! With August comes the farewell to summer (sad face), but it also means I’m one month closer to Steve getting home (yay)! I’ve never been one to wish summer away, and I’m not fully there yet, but I am excited for September. The summer has been wonderful, but this fall is full of exciting things: my hubby’s return (technically it’ll still be “summer”, but kids will be back in school so I call that “fall”), a half marathon, my best friend’s wedding(!), a full marathon, Frye boots, college football, cooler running temps, and hopefully some other little surprises.

Before I go jumping into fall, I want to throw us back to my last two weeks at the beach. Last you heard, I was being a mopey zoo lion (Cards Against Humanity, anyone??), complaining about my non-beach-loving baby. I think that you must have sent good vibes my way because Graham made a complete 180!

week #1 doesn't want to touch the sand

week #1 doesn’t want to touch the sand

week #2 covered in sand...and happy

week #2 covered in sand…and happy

We really had a great couple of weeks! The first, as you know, was with family. The second was with college friends (the SCMAS). I would love to talk more about this week and the shenanigans that went on, but I fear you would think we were weird πŸ™‚ I guess all that really needs to be said is that we had a BLAST and everyone was close to tears when we had to say goodbye.

Some (blog appropriate) highlights from the beach:

-Pontoon boating (both weeks)

ready to go!

ready to go!

swimming with Ashley

swimming with Ashley


loving being able to float

swimming with mama

swimming with mama

snuggling with Michelle

snuggling with Michelle


being with best friends

showing the big kids how it's done

showing the big kids how it’s done


ice cream with pop


Graham and mommy time on the beach

cousins at sunset

cousins at sunset

As much fun as we had…I missed my bed and my running buddies.

And Graham missed his couch.

reunited after a week apart

reunited after a week apart

It’s good to be home πŸ™‚



PS one more….just because it’s cute:

i love his sunscreen hair

i love his sunscreen hair

2 thoughts on “Throw Back (to last week)

  1. What a cutie and what a summer you’ve had. I love the 2nd to last pic with the pup. Isn’t it so fun to see them get along? Wish we could bring the babes in a few weeks to the bachelorette so they could meet… but not really! Looking forward to it!

    • Haha I’m not going to know what to do being baby-free at the beach! Just ignore my tent, kiddie pool and sand tools πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait! (we’ll have to have a baby meet and greet another time!)

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