New routines, dog walks and swim meets.

I’m trying to think positively about Steve’s current deployment. The adjustment period on either end of his trips (coming and going) is always hard. I don’t live and die by a routine, but in my older age (you know, I’m 30 now) I’ve come to realize that I kind of like a routine.

Right now I’m trying to establish our new routine without Steve’s constant presence. Yes, constant. If you’re one of my close friends, or an acquaintance, or a stranger that I met on the street, or if you have ears….you may have heard me say that Steve was constantly around for the last 3 months.

I love that man. Very much. And I love spending time with him. But it took some getting used to when he was home 24/7.

In the beginning he was all about doing everything together and I was all about getting out of the house without the baby/dog/husband. We had to have a talk about how I wanted privacy from him and baby while in the bathroom. Β But then we got into our routine – we got up together, we got Graham up and put him down together, we went for runs and walks together, we clipped coupons together (ok, Steve clipped and I stood nearby), we grocery shopped together, we thumbed through the mail together, we did laundry together, we went to the pool together, we cleaned together, we gardened together, we emptied the dishwasher together, etc….you get the idea! I got used to knowing that if I needed an extra hand, his was always there. Sometimes A lot of the time I complained about it. But secretly, I might have liked it.

Now I’m bored.

In an effort to keep from getting sad and sulking, I’m doing what I can to stay busy.

Tuesday: ventured to Arlington for lunch with college buddies. Graham was rotten. Maybe I’m being harsh. He was very much a little boy and shame on me for taking him to a restaurant with adults. But it was great to see Marty and Chris…and I’m pretty sure I bought their girlfriends a couple more years of being just girlfriends. Graham wasn’t making them want to become parents any time soon.

Big guy ready to terrorize Arlington

Big guy ready to terrorize Arlington

That evening I went out to dinner with a couple of friends. Half off mexican – yes please!! Sangritas (sangria and margarita – together in perfect harmony) – ahhhhmazing!! Graham stayed at my friend’s house with her husband and two little guys. I’m told he was really good.

Moms' night out - happy with sangritas in our hands!

Moms’ night out – happy with sangritas in our hands!

Wednesday: I woke Graham up at the crack of dawn to go for a 6AM run with friends. He was such a trooper. I felt a little guilty when we ran by a few playgrounds and didn’t stop. He squealed each time he saw a slide. By the time we finished our post-run iced coffee, Graham was ready for a nap. I guess getting pushed in a stroller is exhausting!
We came home and took Scout on a couple of walks. Graham really wanted to be in charge of walking Scout. Unfortunately, I think that Scout took the lead and walked Graham.

Getting walked.

Getting walked.

Wishing Steve was here...I'm not cutting it.

Wishing Steve was here…I’m not cutting it.

We also went to see the Hickman kids’ swim meet. It was the first time that Graham has been to a pool and not been able to swim. He did not understand why all of the big kids were able to swim and he could not. Not kidding, he cried the entire time. We saw each cousin swim one event and immediately peaced out of there. He did clap a couple of times…while crying. And he did throw his blanket into one of the lanes. Don’t know if we’ll be making it to anymore swim meets.

Two days down….only 70-80ish to go.


PS A couple extra pics that don’t really have a place in the post:

New sandals from his buddy, Ben - thought it was hilarious that he could see his toes.

New sandals from his buddy, Ben – thought it was hilarious that he could see his toes.

Hanging out on the deck, resting after a tough round of fetch.

Resting after a tough round of fetch.

4 thoughts on “New routines, dog walks and swim meets.

  1. Ah! So sorry your hubby is deployed. We are military as well, so I’ve been there. If you ever need anything, let me know! We should meet for coffee sometime!! And, love the shirt, clearly Dorothy inspired us both….I’m wearing the pink shirt today πŸ™‚

    • We could get coffee in our matching shirts – and get Dorothy to join us! πŸ™‚
      My husband is a government contractor. I complain, but I really shouldn’t because I have it easy compared to you military mamas! I don’t know how you do it longer than 3 months at a time. Nonetheless, being a single mom for any amount of time is tough – thanks for the support!
      Yes to coffee – if not soon, definitely in September when Emma is up here!! πŸ™‚

    • Yes πŸ™‚ I’m sure that Kferg would love a zoo date with Gentry and Graham (and us, of course!) πŸ™‚

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