Single digits….9 days!

“Ahh, Home. Let me come Home.
Home is wherever I’m with you .” -Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

If you can’t tell from my LACK of posts…I’ve been a little busy. And when I haven’t been “busy”…I’ve been sitting on the couch zoning out, letting my mind, body and soul relax. It usually doesn’t happen until about 9pm, and by then it’s wine o’clock and mindless trash television time. So, Steve, I’m sorry that you haven’t gotten posts. I’ve been conserving my energy for the daytime when I’m busy keeping our son happy and alive, and keeping our dog happy and alive. The second is much harder.

I just used the word busy 3 times in the last paragraph. Three is not an ungodly number, but I’m reminded of the fact that I use busy a lot to describe my life. The other day, I saw (on pinterest) a wonderful quote and it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. Steve you will be so happy. The pin simply said: Stop the glorification of busy. My 2013 resolution is going to be to stop the glorification of busy. Now, Steve, don’t get me wrong…we all know I don’t like to sit around at home on the weekends (esp now that I’m home all week)….but I do want to slow down a bit.

While busy is still in my vocabulary, here are the things that have been keeping me so:

-A great afternoon hiking Sugarloaf Mountain with Britini and Chloe. Our hike was followed by a trip to the local vineyard 🙂

We made it to the summit.

Rewarding our hard work 🙂

Sweet moments…

I mean, I would go back.

-Little Friday night fun…

“Dad, Mom is embarrassing me…again.” (fun at the local hardware store)

FIRE PIT success 🙂 Didn’t even come close to setting fire to the house or deck.

-Halloween take 1:

Misty May and Kerri Walsh take Falls Church. (the “sports goggles” didn’t last past the pictures)

Action shot.

-Marine Corp Marathon!!! (didn’t take Graham – too cold and too long):

Just out for a casual run. (it really was amazing)

Kristen crushing 26.2 miles!!

The cheer team…lots of, “way to go runners” and “looking strong” over. and over. and over.

-The Real Halloween:

Healthy breakfast before tons of candy – toast and fruit, like a big boy. (didn’t actually give baby candy)

lovin’ my little scarecrow.

Keeping Graham up past his bedtime…

The whole crew! True story, Athena and Princess Ariel were on the yellow brick road.

Wizard of Oz Dahls

-And, of course, the everyday sweetness:

Snuggling before nap time.

Hugs and kisses.

First fort!!!! (the fun lasted for 5 min….I think Scout liked it the most)

-We are soooooo looking forward to NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!!!! Seriously can’t wait until Steve gets to be in the pictures 🙂


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