I’ve lost count…

“If you wanna know if he loves you so, it’s in his kiss!” -Aretha Franklin

It was another exciting weekend for Graham and me. Honestly, it was probably most exciting for Graham! Let me explain…

This weekend was a “fox reunion”. The JMU Foxes consist of a group of girls that Steve was friends with in college. They lived in Fox Hills….hence the whole fox thing. Now that I am MRS. Steve Dahl, I have been deemed an honorary fox. Graham was the start of the next fox generation. There are now 3 baby foxes and one more is on the way.

Important moments from the weekend:

-Friday: The Griswolds, I mean Orks/Dahls, loaded up the rooftop carrier with diapers and strollers and headed to Pennsylvania.

-Britini and I decided that we were sister wives for the weekend.

-Our babies slept all of the way to Hershey. (awesome)

-During late-night campfire, Bricker tried to light me on fire. As it turns out, when you take a gas can and squirt it on an already lit fire, balls of fire may start shooting out of said gas can. Fortunately, moments before the explosion I had gotten out of my seat to save the dog, who was dangerously close to the fire. Lucky for me, I only got hit by a couple of fire balls.

-Saturaday: Lunch at Brickers, Chocolate World Tour, Hershey Park in the Dark.

“Aunt” Alex reading to Sienna and Graham.
Chan with Graham and Sienna.
Bricker with Graham @Brickers 🙂
Graham and his girls.
Hanging on on the front of the truck with Uncle Andy.
Baby foxes.
Graham making his moves on the girls…stud. (I think Sienna likes him – not sure about Chloe…)
And nothing completes a weekend quite like a photo shoot with some pumpkins 🙂

-Looking forward to when you can be in some of the pictures. We miss you.


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