Day 19…

Today was pretty uneventful. Graham got up a lot earlier than usual (dislike). He was down for a nap before his usual awake time. All of this to say I needed more than one cup of coffee this morning.

I took the boys for a run and it was great. It was perfect running weather. Scout took it upon himself to try to prepare me for an obstacle course. I nearly broke my neck a dozen times because he kept cutting in front of me and/or the stroller. I used a few choice words to convey my frustration…I think he got the idea because the last mile was much better. But all in all, I felt great. I felt strong and almost Ragnar ready. I want to get a couple of long runs in, but I’m quickly running out of time! Only four days until Ragnar!!! And even though Steve and I weren’t in the same van last year, I kind of have that home-sick/missing family feeling because he won’t be there this time around.

After our run and a nap, Graham was ready to move! He had a great play time. He was all over the place. If I left the room, he crawled after me. If Scout left the room, he crawled after Scout. At one point, I’m pretty sure Graham was doing laps around the kitchen island.

Action shot…happy to be crawling.

He stopped moving long enough for me to get one shot of his face….

He and Scout love looking out of the kitchen window. Graham can now crawl over and pull himself up all on his own – such a big boy.

Peeping Graham

After his afternoon nap, Graham didn’t want to be left alone. Much like Scout, he likes to be close, especially in the kitchen. When I wasn’t tripping over Scout, I was tripping over Graham.

G took a break from climbing up my leg to play with some “toys”

And then it was finally bedtime…except Graham didn’t want to go in his crib. He just wanted to cuddle. Twist my arm….who doesn’t love a snuggly baby?!

Cuddle bug…

So it was an uneventful, but sweet, day. I loved being able to putz around the house and play fetch with the pup while Graham napped. And while he was awake we “talked” and laughed and moved all around the house 🙂

Only thing missing from the day:

(But as always, Graham practiced saying “dada” while he did his laps through the kitchen.)


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