Day 18 and a few prior…

“While Mom’s away, the kids will play.” Or is it, “While the kids are away, Mom will play.” ???

As I sit here, coffee and advil at my side, I’m trying to remember the events leading up to this post.

Yesterday I reunited with some college buddies for the JMU vs. WVU football game. Let’s just say it’s true what they say about booze. They are bad. It’s also true what they say about boozing on an empty stomach. That is bad. And I made a rookie mistake and didn’t eat. Epic fail. Silly girl. Fortunately I was able to nap on the bus, cuddled up with a roll of paper towels for a pillow. I rallied and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening acting like a grown-up college student.

This was a pretty big game for the Duke Dogs. Our friends actually started planning for this over a year ago. (We may have more team spirit as alumni than we ever did as students.) We were pretty sure that a W was not going to be in our future, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time! We decided that if we couldn’t beat the #9 football team on the field, we would try to beat the #1 party school in the parking lot. I think I carried the team to victory with this one.

One thing that made me want to go to JMU was it’s reputation for being a friendly school. I loved walking through campus and being greeted with smiling faces. It was nice being in a place where there was still some southern hospitality. I felt like I was part of a great big family. That feeling continues on, even after graduation. A couple of freshman wandered through our tailgate and hung out for a bit. I took them under my wing, introducing them to the crew and giving them pep talks and advice (on who knows what!!). It was fun showing them how the older Duke Dogs can still hang (sort of…after napping). At one point, one of them turned to me and said, “I feel like I’ve just joined a family!” ….duh. That’s exactly what we are. Super proud to bleed purple.

My little family of duke dogs.

The Eblings – this is the only pic I got before my phone died.

My little freshman friends.

The little coach. Maybe if he had been calling the plays we would have won.

The days prior:

-The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. I spent two days cleaning house. Seriously, two days. And I still feel like there is more to do.

-I bundled the little guy up for a couple of cool morning runs.

Could he get any cuter? …I think not.

-I got really sad thinking about not teaching. But then went to get Graham up from a nap and his sweet little face reminded me why I decided to stay home.

Well rested and happy.

-Visited with little Chloe Ork. Graham was all about her. She was bored with him and slept most of the time.

-Had dinner with Aunt Q and the Shepards at the Shepards’ new house. Scout LOVED playing with their dog, Dixie!

-Talked football with Uncle Jake. Graham got some pointers on how to be the fan of a losing team.

Bucs fan and Skins fan.

-Missed the most important guy in the family – you. (but glad we got to talk today!!!)


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