Days 12 & 13…

“Friendship,” said Christopher Robin, “is a very comforting thing to have.” 

I was finally able to talk to Steve today. It was a spotty connection, to say the least, but it was still great to hear his voice. We’ve emailed, but I hadn’t actually spoken with him in 10 days – which is probably the longest we’ve ever gone without speaking. This summer marked our 10 year anniversary…of knowing each other. I remember the first time I met Steve…I was wearing overalls. Not flattering. Back to Steve. I remember the first time we had a real conversation, just the two of us. We had a night off and he decided to ride with me to dinner – either he already liked me (probably the case) or he really like my 1992 convertible Chrysler Lebaron. From that night on, I’d say we’ve talked to at least once a week for the past 520+ weeks – through fights, vacations, studies abroad, break-ups, other relationships, etc. I think we were what you would have called best friends. When something good happened, he was the first person I wanted to tell. When something bad happened, he’s where I turned for reassurance. And when I didn’t want to talk to him…he kept calling 🙂 And then we lived happily ever after.

So anyway, it was great talking to my best friend.

While he’s been gone, I’ve been busy taking care of Graham and Scout (and a few others here and there). I’ve also been trying to train for ragnar. I’ve been living in workout clothes, ready to run as soon as I have the chance. As I headed out to the trail yesterday, I had one of those “you know you’re a mom when…” moments. I mean, how many forms of transportation does a mom of ONE really need??

I’ll have you know, I used each of these in the last 4 days!

For a change of scenery, I took the boys to the trail for our run. While it was a boring, out-and-back run, it was nice to run through the woods instead of through neighborhoods of houses that all look the same. And to top it off, I got to cool-down and stretch in a cute little park.

I love my running buddies.

On the way home I was checking out the boys in the rearview mirror and it was really the cutest thing. They were sitting there, Scout resting his chin on Graham’s car seat, staring at each other while Graham played with Scout’s snout. I tried to grab a picture of it, but 1) my phone interrupted the staring contest and 2) my phone doesn’t take great pics through mirrors.

Best friends.

I really think that Graham and Scout are the best of friends. Scout acts like he’s annoyed with Graham and seems to get jealous sometimes of the attention Graham gets…but when it come down to it, they love each other. Graham thinks that Scout is the funniest thing ever. What I say, “where’s Scout?” Graham immediately starts looking around the room,craning his neck to find the pup – and once he does, he’s crawling out of my arms to try to get to said pup. And Scout does the same thing when I ask where Graham is – he immediately runs over to the baby, licks him, and then looks at me to give him a piece of cheese.

Tonight was a true test of friendship. Scout, who hates to miss a meal, was getting supper when Graham crawled over and took his bowl of food. He dumped the food on the floor, threw a couple pieces into his mouth, and started banging the bowl around, very pleased with himself.

Graham: “This bowl is awesome!” Scout: “Hey man, I was using that.”

Graham was not happy with me when I had to dig the pieces of dog food out of his mouth. Scout was though – it meant he got a couple more morsels! Graham kept things fair by sharing some of his own dinner with the pup.

The conversation I think they’re having:
Graham: I’m really sorry for dumping your food earlier.
Scout: It’s cool, I don’t mind eating off of the floor.
Graham: It was nice of you to let me try a couple pieces.
Scout: Yeah, but just this once – they are a choking hazard for you.
Graham: While the mom-lady is feeding me my supper, I’ll do my best to get my face, hands and feet covered so that you can lick it off – it only seems fair.
Scout: That’s cool. Thanks.

The end.

Things worth sharing:

-Mama got a new pair of racing shoes! Hello, friends 🙂

Pure Cadence.

-Graham does yoga in his sleep.

Doesn’t look comfortable, but he slept past 8:30 this morning!

-We missed you! But loved hearing your voice today 🙂


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