Day 8…

“My shoulder doesn’t hurt very much, but my face does. Not here or here so much, but right here.” -Tommy Boy

Eight months ago today, I gave birth to the sweetest little man ever! I know that all moms say this about their babies, but they’re crazy, and I’m right.

Happy 8 months, big guy!

Truthfully, I’m sure that there are other babies that are good like Graham, but none come close to melting my heart like this kid. He’s just easy to be around. And he’s extremely, easily amused!

Laughing at someone fake sneezing.

Steve and I are constantly asking each other if other people have kids as good as ours. We also wonder if anyone has a dog as great as ours. Pretty much we think that we have the best baby and dog in the whole world. Be jealous.

A little banged up and still smiling.

It’s hard to tell in the above picture, but Graham is currently sporting a bruised forehead, a bruised and scuffed up nose and his very first busted lip (insert Tommy Boy quote). As it turns out, when you turn 8 months old you think that you can do anything. No, he’s not “crawling”, but he’s certainly mobile! And this week, Graham has been a climbing fool! Today he tried to climb a barstool. He quickly learned that when pulled on, barstools will fall….directly on top of you. And then the leg of said barstool will smack you vertically on the face leaving you with a mark on your forehead, and on your nose, and with a bleeding busted lip. And then your mom will freak out and cry a little while trying to sooth you. Fortunately, he loved the ice cube I grabbed for his lip.

How could this face not melt your heart?? (this pic was prior to the barstool brawl)

As I stated before, Graham is not officially crawling yet. But he’s so close!!! And if he would stop trying to stand up and would actually concentrate on crawling, he could do it. He gets on his hands and knees and rocks like he’s going to move forward and every once and a while he’ll actually get an inch or two of movement in there. Then he falls to his belly. So, how does he get from one end of the room to the other?! It involves a little rocking, a little turning, scooting backwards, turning, “standing up” and turning, etc…. It’s too confusing to explain – I just know that it happens! And really, who needs to crawl when you can stand up and walk??? (I should probably add that this new trying-to-stand-up business has added a couple more bonks to the old noggin…)

“Take that crawling! I think I’ll try to stand up instead.”

So, for Graham’s 8 month birthday we:

-woke up extra early…which was great (not).

-watched the girls head off to school.

Standing up like a big boy!

-went home for a good nap, laundry and diapers

-went by Petsmart to buy Scout a couple of toys and to sign him up for doggie day camp (b/c he’s been an amazing therapy dog lately and deserves some fun with friends)

-walked with the girls to get an after dinner treat at Starbucks where we met another labradoodle, also named Scout!

-stayed up past our bedtime because Graham was being so much fun

Trying to take Scout’s new ball – Graham might be jealous that it’s HIS birthday and yet Scout is the one who got a new toy :/

-missed you! But looked at pics and said your name 🙂


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