Days 6 & 7…

“Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.” -Ronald Reagan

Best buds.

Best friends are wonderful things to have. Right now Graham’s best friend is our dog, Scout. I know that Graham will end up having other friends…you know, like, human friends….but for now, the dog works. And it makes me happy watching them together. Graham thinks that everything Scout does is hilarious. And Scout gets protective of Graham. For example, today my nieces’ cat was getting close to Graham. Scout was monitoring the situation cautiously and when he thought the cat had gotten close enough he came over and nudged G’s head (which G clearly thought was a RIOT) and then laid down between the cat and baby. It was as if he was saying, “The baby is mine, cat. Back off, please.” (Scout is always very polite) I love those two and I hope that as Graham gets older they only love each other more.

This week I, too, have been hanging out with one of my best friends. While mine does not have 4 legs, nor is she covered in hair, she is loyal and has been protective when I needed her to be. Any guesses…I’m talking about my sister, Anna. We’ve been spending A LOT of time together lately. She and her three girls moved back to Virginia in June and spent the summer with me before getting their own house. It’s been great getting to spend quality time with them and Graham has especially loved all of the extra attention.

This week the girls had their first day at their new schools. Fortunately for the younger two, they are still doing community building activities in their classrooms. They are already forming bonds with classmates and starting new relationships that will hopefully last a life time. I think that it has been a little more challenging for Emma, who started HIGH SCHOOL! She’s twelve. She skipped a grade and this school is 8th-12th. Talk about overwhelming. Ā I asked her if she saw any cute boys at school and she said no because she was looking down at the school map the entire time – and she still managed to get lost. Sounds to me like she’s ready to be a freshman in college! I loved being able to share in this new beginning with them. I hope that I was able to help make their transition a little easier.

Emma 8th grade, Ava 5th grade, and Nora 1st grade.

I love all of my nieces and nephew equally and I would love the opportunity to spend quality time with each of them! And for this week, it’s these three beautiful faces that I get to love generously šŸ™‚

This week I also got to see another best friend of mine! My college roommate, post-college roommate and maid-of-honor, Kristin, has recently moved to the area! I had been keeping my fingers crossed that the move would happen so we could see each other more, and now that she’s here we’ve hardly had time to get together. We finally figured out a time and got together for dinner and drinks. It was wonderful and relaxing! It was great catching up and taking a couple of hours to sit back and enjoy myself with good company.

Sharing toys with Aunt KFerg.

Two of my favorite people!

Graham highlights:

-He’s had a blast having dance parties with Ava.

Dancing on Ava’s shoulders.

-He had spaghetti for the first time.

Please note the noodle on his forehead.

-He enjoyed playing with the spaghetti more than he did eating it.

So interesting!

-He looked at a picture of you and practiced saying dada šŸ™‚

-We missed you.


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