Day 2

Not feeling particularly witty at the moment. Usually I use my runs as a time to think about important things like status updates, instagram picture opportunities, and now…blogging. (I think I just made a huge confession – I probably should have been planning grocery lists and how to incorporate all of the coupons that Steve clipped) Anyway, on these runs I have been known to generate some really comical anecdotes about my day. In my mind, I’ve created wonderful attention grabbers that will have anyone who can read begging for more.

So what’s my problem right now? Well, plain and simple….my run. It was terrible today. I clocked two miles. Two. That’s all. I’m supposed to run 13.1 on Sunday and today I could barely run two. It was slightly discouraging. It probably didn’t help that the baby put on 20 lbs overnight. HUGE growth spurt. Also, the tires on the B.O.B. are flat….Steve gave me some scientific explanation about friction and more surface area and being harder to push. All I need to know is this: flat tires = hard to push. And the final reason today’s run was miserable…it was HOT. Easily 90 degrees and 90% humidity at 10am. Miserable. Scout thought it was hot, too. In fact, any time we jogged past a tree that had more than 2 branches worth of shade, he would stop. Bless his heart. But seriously, how am I suppose to get into a rhythm stopping every few yards. Ok, time for my second confession: Scout pooped on the run and I didn’t throw it away! Ahhhhh! SO RUDE! But, we had already run past the last poop station and my plan was to pick it up on my way back – but then it was really hot, the baby was heavy and Scout kept wanting to take a nap in every yard in the neighborhood (including the pigeon yard – this will be explained at a later date) and so I rerouted which didn’t take me back by the poop. I’m ashamed.

All of that to say: today I did not mentally prepare myself for blogging.

But here’s what I DID do:

– Scottie and Kat (aunt and cousin) got here around 11:30.
– they “ooh”ed and “ahh”ed over our ridiculously cute baby.
– Kat and I went to Wegman’s for lunch and to get things for dinner – including wine.
-Kat and I were almost detained in Wegman’s because I was trying to purchase alcohol with my so called “cousin” who was underage. It was ridiculous.
– Graham tried some new food. Big surprise, he liked it.
Image-Big surprise, Graham needed a bath afterwards.
Image– We had to lower Graham’s crib because he was pulling himself up and trying to bounce out. He loves his new space 🙂 I think we have a big boy now.
Image– We had a delicious dinner. Kat introduced me to quinoa and I’m now hooked.
– And finally, missed you.


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